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Who’s Afraid of a Few Ghosts in Real Estate? Not Buyers!

Some buyers aren’t counting any houses out, even ones that may be a little haunted. Thirty-three percent of Americans say they’d buy a haunted house—although only under certain circumstances. And young adults are more willing to buy a house that’s allegedly haunted than older adults are, according to a new survey of 1,500 Americans conducted by Clever Real Estate.

Millennials are 30% more likely to consider buying a haunted house than baby boomers are, as long as the haunted house has better characteristics than others that aren’t haunted. Plus, ghosts tend to scare them less than other aspects that could affect ownership, such as homeowner association fees, missing mortgage payments, flooding, and their home burning down, the survey finds.

However, buyers do say they have some limits on “how” haunted of a house they’ll buy. When comparing a haunted home to one that isn’t, consumers would opt for the haunted house only if:

  • It has a much lower price (73%).
  • The ghosts are friendly (58%).
  • It is in a safer neighborhood (49%).
  • It has a larger yard or more land (41%).
  • It has modern renovations (39%).
  • There is more square footage in the home (36%).
  • The kitchen is larger (32%).
  • It’s in a better school district (29%).
  • It has a pool (28%).
  • It is in closer proximity to amenities (26%).
  • It has new appliances (25%).

Some may also be willing to buy a haunted house because they feel as if they’ve already lived in one. Twenty-four percent of the 1,500 survey respondents claim they’ve lived in a haunted home. (However, nearly 70% say they didn’t know the house was haunted before they moved in.)

One in four respondents say they’d move out of the home immediately if they found they’d unknowingly bought a haunted house. However, others would stick it out and try some ghost peacekeeping methods first, such as:

  • Cleanse the home via smudging (33%).
  • Exorcise the home (23%).
  • Try to make contact with the ghosts (19%).
  • Make the home more comfortable for the ghosts (17%).
  • Salt entryways (16%).
  • Remodel (12%).

October 30, 2020 Realtor Magazine

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