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Tips for Sprucing Up the Exterior of Your Home


If you decide to resell your home at any point, the exterior will make a huge difference. Sometimes, potential home buyers will drive or walk past a property they’ve heard about and based on an initial viewing make the decision to either schedule a viewing or not. Making sure your yard, siding, fencing, and painted wood siding in Douglasville, GA, are in order can greatly impact the value of your house.

You don’t need a fancy yard to ensure that your home looks presentable and tidy. Having a well-trimmed and even lawn is a good start. If your lawn has brown patches, holes, or weeds, invest in correcting these. Pre-grown grass in strips is not expensive and will look integrated into the whole of your lawn within a week or two. You can also call a lawn specialist to fertilize and aerate the lawn when the time comes.

You should also tidy your trees and flowerbeds. Making sure that your trees’ branches don’t get in the way of power lines won’t just keep your yard looking nice; it will also ensure that your property is up to code and doesn’t present a hazard to yourself and your neighbors. Flowerbeds are notoriously difficult to maintain, but there are a few tricks to keep them looking tidy for longer. For example, lay down mulch around plant roots and it will prevent water from evaporating and weeds from growing. Mulch prevents sunlight from filtering in, which is the culprit for both a high water bill and numerous weeds.

If you have several cars in your driveway or off to the side of your home, it can make your yard look smaller and more cluttered. Cleaning out your garage so you can put your car, bikes, and yard-maintenance tools away is one way of cleaning up your home and making it look more tidy. If you have a backyard shed, making room for rakes and other objects that might be laying around can also be helpful. It can be difficult to accomplish these tasks if you have a tiny yard or no garage, but even stacking things or giving away things you don’t need can make a big difference.

If you have a home that has flaking paint, rotting roof tiles, broken fence posts, or other noticeable issues, people might assume that you don’t take proper care of your property. There are a few quick fixes that can be done over the course of a couple weekends. Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home’s siding or stucco can instantly make the house look new. You can choose the best color and shade of paint by sticking to a color scheme that will work with the rain gutter and roof color. If these are dark, it might be too much of a contrast to make your stucco, white or yellow, for example. You can also research what types of paints will resist rain, sleet, and other environmental conditions. Many household supply stores will offer a variety that will be bent towards the extreme conditions most prevalent in the area where you live.

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