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Tips for giving guests a warm welcome

Creating a welcoming space within your home for guests is always appreciated.

Guests may be tired from their journey and wish to arrive in a comfortable environment where they can begin to unwind and relax.

If you are expecting guests this summer here are a few hints and tips to help you get ready for their arrival.

Night light Motion sensor lights are wonderful for assisting your guests en route to the bathroom during the overnight hours. If you would prefer not to have a small night light illuminated 24 hours a day, the motion sensor varieties are wonderful.

Vacant drawers When your guests arrive they will in all likelihood want to put their personal belongings away. There’s nothing worse than opening a guest closet only to find the homeowner’s overflow clothing or stored items. Leave at least two to three drawers and loads of hanging space in the guest closet for their use. It’s a good idea to leave the drawers slightly ajar so it’s clear to your guests they are welcome to use them.

Welcome basket There’s something so welcoming about a nice basket beside the guest bed filled with fresh flowers, a candle and perhaps some reading material. Always have a bedside table beside the guest bed with a proper reading light. A vessel filled with water and a glass is a good idea as well. Sometimes it’s nice to put a handmilled soap and hand towel in the basket along with a toothbrush and toothpaste in case they have forgotten to bring these items along. Hamper Having a dirty clothes hamper available to your guests in their room is a great idea. This is especially important if your guests are

planning to stay for more than a few days.


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