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Six home maintenance tips for summer you should know


Everyone knows that a change in season can mean a change in bills, safety requirements and home maintenance. The hot weather will not only have your energy bills running wild but also the pool algae thrive. And let’s not forget the thunderstorms that often accompany summer months. Heavy rain can lead to leaks, blocked drainage and more. Is your home ready for the crazy weather? Take a look at this list and some tips to help to cruise comfortably during the hot season…

Tune up your air-conditioner

The number one priority for your summer home maintenance checklist is to have your air-conditioning (AC) unit tuned up. As important as getting your car tuned, your AC needs to be tuned to inspect and prevent unwanted emergencies. The tune up is used to inspect refrigerant levels, which is important for your AC to keep running cool and keep your summer electric bills low, as well as to ensure your fan is functioning well, your coils are thoroughly cleaned and there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring.

TIP: Keep your AC bill running smoothly by changing out your air filters once a month if you use your unit on a daily basis.

Check your roof

Unfortunately, summer season also means storm season in certain areas. Check your roof annually to ensure that you don’t have any problems. Whether you have just ended your rainy season or are about to begin it, checking your roof regularly will assist in finding a small problem before it becomes a large, leaky one. Depending on the type of roof, you may also want to clean your roof to avoid any permanent water damage.

TIP: Clean the roof tiles with a high pressure water spray. Give the anti-moss spray time to do its job, and then use the high pressure cleaner to wash the tiles down. Too hard? Call an expert.

Clean the gutters

Prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks by cleaning the gutters at least twice a year: once at late fall/early winter, after all of the leaves have fallen and prior to the first snowfall, and once at late spring/early summer after flowers, seeds and blossoms are done blowing off.

TIP: Lay a huge piece of tarp underneath the gutter area you are cleaning. That way your floor or lawn will stay clean and you won’t have to do double work.

Check the window

Check your home windows to ensure that the hot summer heat stays outside. Also, don’t forget to check the sealants and ensure that both inside and out are secured, and caulk any open areas in between. Check weather-stripping for any faults and replace them immediately if there is an issue. Taking care of windows will keep your home looking and feeling good.

TIP: Well-sealed windows keep the air-conditioning in and good blinds keep the hot sun out to help your AC work less harder.

Pressure wash the exterior

An important element of maintaining your home’s exterior is to routinely clean it, and the easiest way to do so is to pressure wash the walls. Do it to remove dirt, stains and mildew, especially prior to painting.

TIP: Before you wash, ensure that you cover plants, electrical outlets, windows and doors to avoid any DIY mishaps.

Don’t forget pool maintenance

If you have a pool, get it ready for summer by cleaning it up, levelling the water, ensuring that your pumps are working and balancing your chemicals. Start at least a week prior to swim season to ensure that the water is safe and your new bathing suit won’t suffer.

TIP: Look into an energy-efficient pool pump to help keep your electric bill down during the summer months.

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