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Six home decor tips for renters

LOOK CLOSELY: The furnishings here are consistent and will be easy to move to a new home if need be.

An increasing portion of the population are becoming locked out of the property market, especially in Auckland, and many New Zealanders are citing long-term renting as their only option.

So many are now seeking a better rental experience, and are looking to the Government to action policies – such as rental WOF checks and restrictions on capital gains.

But politics aside, what can you do to make your rental experience a more positive one?

Many renters feel they don’t have permission to decorate, but approaching your landlord about making small but significant changes to the decor can be an option.

But if that isn’t viable, here are six tips on how to make your rented abode feel a little more like home.

1. Having a clear vision of the style you want is a good way to see beyond the limitations of the room itself. Don’t worry about the colour of the walls or floor, because a consistent look throughout the home will overshadow those permanent fixtures.

2. Purchase furniture and homewares that can be configured in different ways – such as a modular sofa, or smaller occasional side tables – so that they are more likely to fit in a variety of room sizes.

Rather than a knee-jerk reaction to each new rental space, try to be consistent in your purchases to create an overall design aesthetic. Then when you move you will be able to recreate your decor with little effort or expense.

3. Favourite art pieces, framed or unframed, can hide imperfect walls, and create a focal point for a room. It will also help give you a foundation for colour and design.

These can also add a pop of unexpected colour, avoiding the need to match the home’s existing decor.

4. Rugs make quick work of dated flooring, and can define spaces in open-plan areas, while hallrunner and entry mats can bring colour and freshness to an otherwise neutral or unwelcoming part of the house.


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