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Simple home decor, maximizing space tips


HOME is the most valuable asset the family can have. It provides a sense of security. It is also the domain where the family can express their creativity in making the home a nurturing place for every member of the family.

Check out some decoration tips you may want to apply in your own home.

Space is always a challenge, making the home looks like a jungle or a warehouse. Niña Borromeo, an interior designer shared some storage maximization tips.

1. Use dishes and glassware as part of the decorating scheme. Simple shelves can hold plates and bowls.


2. Stash wooden spoons, laddle and other frequently-used cooking toolsin in a wide canister that can be left near the stove.


3. Deep, wide drawers are perfect for storing pans and pots in one place.


4. Utilize the outside surfaces, including the cabinet sides, and store things where they are readily available and easy to grab.

5. Place less used items on top of cabinets where they are out of the way. There is a lot of precious space that you might not be taking full advantage of.


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