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Seven inspirational tips to create the perfect home office space


For those among us living the freelance life, this is a no-brainer.

But even if you happen to work full time in an office elsewhere, you’ve probably found yourself doubled over on the couch, laptop in hand, as you try to catch up on those last few emails that you just never got around to. In an ideal world we would all finish work at 5pm and not give it a second thought. In this world? Not gonna happen. Where it becomes an issue, however, is when your work time bleeds too much into your down time and invades your personal space; so much so you begin to associate your home with work. Bleugh. It’s hard to shake it off and it’s hard to switch off. And let’s not even get into the subject of looking after our backs with the proper ergonomic equipment; comfy couches in this regard, are not your friend. With this in mind, a suitable, simple home office is key.

First of all, let it be known that this doesn’t mean you need an extra room in your house; a clutter-free corner away from your bed and couch will do. Creating your own dedicated work space at home will not only help you to focus, it will keep your work separate to your personal time and, who knows, what with all those extra creative juices flowing, you just might be inspired to do more, earning yourself major brownie points with the boss. Here we draw inspiration from some of our favourite interiors brands on how they’re making it work.

1. If it’s initial inspiration you’re after; look no further than American lifestyle brand, The Every Girl. Follow them on Instagram for the niftiest of office ideas. In the pic below, they’ve managed to create a chic office vibe from nothing more than a shelf, wide enough to fit your laptop.

home office1.png

(Instagram @theeverygirl_)

2. A touch of cork is not only functional (we live for visual memos) but also particularly on trend right now. See inspiration from The Every Girl and get your own cork tape at Urban Outfitters.

home office2.png

(Instagram: @theeverygirl_)

home office 4.jpg

If the idea of an entire wall covered in cork doesn’t do it for you, this is the perfect compromise. (€24 on sale in store or online at Urban Outfitters)

3. Ikea are the kings of functional yet stylish office solutions at home. Again, they’ve created a desk space from a wide shelf, but their range of desks will have you spoiled for choice.

home office 5.png

(Instagram: @ikeaie)

If you’re looking for something on the luxury end of the spectrum, this Scandinavian style desk just in at Meadows & Byrne has set our hearts aflutter. €398.

home office 6.png


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