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Sarah Beeny’s top 7 DIY tips as renovations boom

Property expert Sarah Beeny reveals the worst renovation mistakes as planning applications in London go through the roof

Property expert Sarah Beeny has seen a fair few home renovation projects in her time, but perhaps the most surprising still remains the homeowers who took her “keep it neutral” advice to unsual extremes.

“I came back and they had not only painted all the house white, literally every floor and wall, but they painted the garden fence white and the first section of their trees white … it was like being inside a cloud.”

7 Beeny tips for those looking to renovate

•Be forward thinking and plan carefully

•If you don’t understand something, don’t just look the other way. Get to the bottom of the problem

•If in doubt leave it to the professionals – doing a job badly and then getting someone in to repair the damage can be much more expensive than paying someone in to do the job properly in the first place.

•Start with the basics, if you need a new roof, you need a new roof. Don’t whitewash deep rooted issues.

•Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help. Painting parties can be fun.

•Double check online or in a reference book the job your about to undertake. You might find an easier way or some handy tips for improving the way you do it.

•If asking a professional to do the job, a small amount of knowledge may stop any slightly more unscrupulous tradesman from taking advantage.


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