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Property Brothers’ Jonathan & Drew Scott Share Their Home Decorating Tips & Tricks


Anyone who’s watched HGTV — or, basically, anything on TV at this point — has likely heard of and fallen in love with Jonathan and Drew Scott of Property Brothers, Property Brothers At Home, Buying & Selling, and Brother Vs. Brother (say that 5x fast). Even when I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment as a young twenty-something I would marathon episodes of Property Brothers and take notes on how to buy and fix up my dream home. Did it matter that I didn’t even own a toolbox? Of course not. I just knew that the Scott brothers were onto something with their real estate and home design savvy. The fact that they were good looking and had killer personalities had almost nothing to do with it.

When my husband and I bought our first place in the suburbs (talk about feeling OLD fast) I knew all those years of binge-watching our favorite twins would finally come in handy. Lucky for us, Jonathan & Drew’s new book —Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House — also came out just in time for us to soak up those new homeowner tips and tricks. Soon enough I began seeing Jonathan & Dreweverywhere. From The Today Show, to Vine, and even taking on Broadway, the brothers were basically popping up all over the place.

That’s when Bustle decided to contact Jonathan & Drew Scott to see what other words of wisdom they had and to hear more about their newest show,Brother Vs. Brother. On Tuesday, May 31, the Scott brothers took over the “Home Hacks” stream in the Bustle app to tell readers exactly how to get the home of the dreams, regardless of whether they were living in an apartment or a home in the ‘burbs, and to play an epic game of “Brother Vs. Brother.” Be sure to download the Bustle App to see ALL the tips yourself.

Here are highlights from Jonathan and Drew Scott’s takeover:

Love Is A Touchy Subject

Fun fact: Jonathan actually turned down an offer to be on ABC’s The Bachelorette a few years ago because he “couldn’t imagine dating 25 women at the same time,” an activity that Jonathan thought he’d find “too overwhelming.” But that doesn’t stop the marriage proposals from coming. “Sometimes Jonathan gets a marriage proposal on Twitter,” Drew says, “and the person will throw in, ‘but I’ll take Drew too!’ It’s the weirdest thing.”

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