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Most effective decor changes you can make

1Very few of us ever feel like our homes are done — even those who’ve hired an interior designer. And even then, it’s easy to tire of that look you once loved. Thankfully, giving your home a little refresh, or even a dramatic transformation, can be as simple as changing one element in the space. Which element, you ask? Well, that’s up to you. Read on to learn about the most transformative changes to any room.


Layout: Changing the layout of a room in your home is usually the most affordable change you can make. Move the head of your bed to face the windows, and instantly you might find yourself looking at the stars at night. Creating room for traffic flow is always a good idea: Look around and see if you can make it easier for yourself to get from one door the next by moving seating or tables. If your space feels cluttered with chairs, replace a sofa and a couple of armchairs with a sectional; it will require a little bit of investment but can make your room feel dramatically bigger and more streamlined.


Paint: Paint is probably the second most affordable change you can make in any room. A gallon of paint can cost as little as $25, and you have every color in the rainbow to choose from. Deep, dark walls can create a cavernous, cozy vibe. A soft lilac can give a room a bit more of a feminine feeling. And vivid red can instantly create excitement — bright, rich walls in general are great for entertaining spaces.


Window treatments: Window treatments are an expense — even if you’re buying them ready-made, you can easily spend $300 on a couple of curtain panels. But they can also completely change the personality of a room. A set of solid white drapes that brush the floor can create a more intimate vibe in a minimal space. A pair of bright, patterned Roman shades can be total statement makers. And floor-to-ceiling curtains on hospital tracking can create an enveloping, womb-like feel that makes it easier to sleep.


Upholstery: We wouldn’t recommend reupholstering just any old chair, but if you have a piece you love that looks out of place or has a little too much wear and tear, a new fabric might be the perfect finishing touch. A few yards of patterned fabric can give an antique settee a youthful, modern look. A purple velvet slipcover for an armchair can be the perfect burst of color in a neutral space. And tasseled trim on a sofa can instill just the right amount of formality.


Rugs: It’s so easy to go so wrong with a rug. One of the biggest mistakes we see is a rug that’s too small for a space or that’s improperly placed. Upgrading to a larger size can make your room feel dramatically more expansive, and making sure it’s placed under the legs of your furniture will give it a clean, centered look. You can also get playful with rugs. Layering rugs on top of each other is a fun way to introduce pattern and dimension. Can’t afford a large-scale rug? Purchase two smaller ones and set them side by side, or even on an angle for an element of surprise.


Lighting: Every room should have three sources of light: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Make sure you’ve checked those boxes so that, functionally, your rooms are set up for success. Beyond that, lighting can be one of the most gorgeous statements in a room. We always love a dining room with an oversize chandelier as a focal point. A crystal chandelier can create a layer of luxury in practically any space. And a pair of architectural sconces in an entry can say welcome in the chicest way.

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