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    Mirror Decorating Ideas to Add Bling to Your Home


    Decorating strategically with mirrors can add plenty to your home: Their reflective surface can make a space look twice as big, not to mention lighter and brighter. Plus unlike artwork, a few well-placed mirrors can fit into just about any home decor. Yes, youcan go overboard. But if you use a bit of discretion and avoid the dreaded “fun house wall of mirrors” effect, you can make a big difference in your place.

    So if your home needs more bling, check out these mirror decorating ideas for your kitchen, backyard—and beyond.

    Double the room

    Do you sometimes feel like you’re eating in a shoebox? With a large wall mirror, you’ll practically gain another whole room as well as add ambiance to your Tuesday night spaghetti.

    “A mirror gives the illusion of more space in the dining room, which is the most popular spot for homeowners to use,” says Kymberlyn Lacy, a lifestyle expert with International Flair Designs in Little Rock, AR. When positioning a mirror, make sure it’s hung to reflect natural light or highlight an architectural element or an eye-catching view, she adds.

    mirror decor
    Your dinner party doubles in size with this wall-size mirror.

    Top Design Ideas

    Cook with sparkle

    Mirrors in the kitchen can attract grease and grime, so most homeowners can’t be bothered. But the trend of mirrored backsplashes have increased in design popularity, says Lacy.

    “If used strategically, you can add a little shine and increase the value of your home design,” she says. Mirrored tile backsplashes, like the one below, are a great addition to kitchens and bathrooms without windows, too.

    A smoky, antique mirror is especially attractive in this kind of space because it’s easy to keep up—it shows fewer smudges, says Carole Marcotte, an interior designer and owner of Form & Function in Raleigh, NC.

    “I love how it reflects what sits in front—it’s particularly great on a counter with a bar since it reflects all the pretty bottle and glasses.”

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