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Know These Amazing Home Decor Tips


You can consult any expert interior decorator for home decor, but with the best tips to decorate your home, you can yourself add some magic to your home. Don’t worry about cost and effort as you don’t need to pay huge amounts or work relentlessly to follow these amazing home decor tricks.Maybe a designer mirror or a masterpiece painting can make your rooms look classy. If you want your living room to be sophisticated, use colours like brown or ebony. To make your living room a party floor on weekends, arrange a hidden psychedelic lighting system.

These are only a few of the best tips to decorate your home. There are more amazing home decor tricks which can give your home an exotic look. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, by following these simple tips about decoration, you can make the whole house look brilliant.Here are some amazing home decor tips to know.

Amazing home decor tips are:

1.Use Light Colours to Make Your Room Look Larger: Small and cozy rooms can be camouflaged as bigger ones by following simple tricks. The windows should be large enough so that the room gets enough light. Also, paint the walls with soft and warm colours to create an optical illusion of space.

2.Let Your Room Breathe: It does not matter if you have bigger or smaller rooms, don’t pile up your room with furniture. Overcrowding only makes your room look clumsy. A sleek sofa set with a centre table can be enough to make your living room look spacious and airy.

3.Use Mirrors: Whether it is your bed room, bathroom or living room, use beautiful mirrors to bring a feel of a larger room. Mirrors also add dimension to your room and if you place them correctly, these can reflect light all over the room and make it look spacious.

4.Know How To Place Furniture On The Rug: Amazing home decor tricks also include this one. Place all legs on the rug to bring about a feeling of sophistication. If the rug is small, place back legs out of the rug for adding layers. Arrange furniture on rugs by keeping only the front legs on the rug. It will look spacious and airy.

5.Mix and Match: Many of you think about decorating your home only with modern things. But, all famous interior decorators will suggest that you place any family heirloom beside a modern high-backed chair as it will reflect your personality and true self. And that is the main goal of home decoration.

6.Avoid Following A Theme: While looking for amazing home decor tricks, you can follow this one. Themes are good for a certain period. But, as these are repeated by many, these lose individuality. To bring uniqueness to your home decor, you should think out of the box.

7.Have Wicker Baskets In The Kitchen: If you want to make your kitchen look roomy and store things in an arranged way, these baskets are the best option. You can keep magazines, towels and even fruits and vegetables in these baskets. Place these on the kitchen countertop and it will make your kitchen look classy.

These are the amazing home decor tips to know.

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