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Jonathan Scott Shares Tips For Sprucing Up Your Bedroom


Invest in important things.

You’d think that’s advice from a financial planner or life coach, right? It’s actually from Jonathan Scott, co-host of HGTV’s “Property Brothers.” “Invest in important things” is what he tells people who want to upgrade their home because, according to Scott, key furniture is what anchors your living space.

The 38-year-old says you don’t always need a professional when choosing accessories and materials. Give your residence that wow-factor but keep in mind where you spend your cash. “When it comes to design, you can handle most things yourself. And you’re better off investing in important things such as the bed and sofa.”

Look at styles other people already like

When it comes to remodeling the bedroom, homeowners have different tastes. And here’s the caveat: All the possible combinations can lead to you becoming overwhelmed with infinite choices and little time and a limited budget.

Should you get a bold or light paint color? Modern or rustic fixtures? Risqué or toned-down artwork? Area rugs or none at all?

Scott says do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) should consider what’s trending on social media. That’ll help to cut down your cosmetic options to the top two or three. For instance, Jonathan Scott recently created three master bedroom designs withStearns & Foster (Edgy Glam, Mid-Century Modern and Transitional) to show quick examples of how to revivify your retreat. Inspired by the reinvented 2016 mattress line-up and listening to his fan’s wants on social media, Scott chose three bedroom styles that most people can incorporate into their own homes.

Curate and renovate.

Jonathan Scott also conveys his most revealing insight: He believes the bedroom’s purpose is rest and reprieve — not activity. Consider that 35 percent of Americansreport their sleep quality as “poor” or “only fair” according to the National Sleep Foundation. To Scott, knowing the bedroom’s purpose — better sleep — should help you identify which items are better suited for the living room and other areas.

Jonathan Scott (left) has nearly half a million followers on Twitter. He says the bedroom area should be “all about you.”

Create a serene bedroom area

“The bedroom is all about you. It shouldn’t be a chaotic place where you’re working in bed, or the kids are there and toys are everywhere. It should be a serene environment where you love to wake up refreshed. The most important furniture is the bed because it’s an investment in your sleep. I partnered with Stearns & Foster because it’s literally the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.”

Scott, a Stearns & Foster owner himself, sleeps comfortably in his Reserve Collection mattress.


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