There are stages to creating a collection, starting with methodically accruing treasures over time and ending with displaying them in a way that reflects your personality. According to Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robertson, authors of “Collected: Living With the Things You Love” (Abrams; $40), many of us avoid the final stage simply because we don’t know how to show off our hard-earned finds. Whether it’s retro dish towels, Hermés boxes, balls of yarn or well-polished copper pudding molds, Karch and Robertson prove that with curating and creativity, even the ordinary can be magical. The authors, who hail from Martha Stewart Living, devote the pages to 250 collections and the 15 collecting personalities many of them represent. From the Modest-ist to the Seasonalist, the book features the vast, varying styles of hunters and gatherers who show no fear when it comes to their bounties.