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    Interior designer-approved tips for using mirrors in your home


    Mirrors are key in pulling off a nifty interior design trick which fools the eye into thinking there is more space in a room than there actually is. This follows the general rule, the larger the mirror, the larger a room appears.

    “I once placed a large, full-length mirror on the wall at the end of a short hallway in an old miner’s cottage.  Instantly, this gave a person walking the short corridor a sense of increased length of space.”

    To create this feeling, White suggests hanging the mirror on a wall that catches the eye first.



    “A decorative mirror can be used in lieu of art to fill an empty wall space. As with art, they can be grouped, or stand alone, with the same rules for hanging art applying to hanging mirrors in whatever arrangement, or grouping,”  says White.

    However, she warns budding stylists to be aware of the location and placement of their mirrors, because as easy as it is for a mirror to reflect the beauty of a room, they can also cast back ‘undesirable sights’.


    Don’t let your flair for design stop at the bathroom. Instead of using a standard sheet of mirror, opt for a mirror that suits your taste.

    “Add your own style and personality by sourcing antique or retro-style mirrors from second-hand shops.  Alternatively, choose a lovely frame from a picture framer, and have it fitted with bevelled mirror,”  says White.


    Why not think outside the box and incorporate mirrors into your garden? An outdoor mirror can create the illusion of a “small window-like portal” that looks like you can walk through it from a distance.

    “However, where you place the mirror will dictate how successful the illusion is. Garden mirrors work best with lots of plants growing around them, and covering the edges.”

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