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Interior design tips for a happy home



Here, Mel Chesneau from Styled Canvas shows how to best show off vintage items by teaming them with contemporary pieces, like this fresh, clean lamp

Follow these strategies and you’ll build yourself a home rather than a house …

1. Mix old and new

Styling your home doesn’t mean all new all the time. A well-executed eclectic home contains layers of personal items such as heirlooms, treasures from travel and well-loved vintage pieces with a story to tell.
Blending old with new adds emotional depth to a home.
Styled Canvas

Blending old with new adds emotional depth to a home.

Don’t be too precious about adding and subtracting décor items: repositioning or repurposing items can refresh your space without you having to spend large amounts.

Mel Chesneau from Styled Canvas is a huge fan of vintage items. “They are the perfect way to bring some individually to a home. To me, the best way to show it off is by teaming it up with a contemporary lamp or another piece of modern furniture.”

2. Don’t follow trends

It’s easy to get trapped into buying into the latest homeware trends, and with the abundance of low-cost product splashed across magazines and blogs, we often make knee jerk purchases for instant satisfaction.

Making considered purchases, researching products and not filling your space with ‘fast’ homewares (think fast fashion) means that you will have a more sustainable and satisfying space.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and making a plan for a well-considered interior avoids a home filled with meaningless purchases.

3. Ignore what’s hot and what’s not
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Being confident in your own style is much like being comfortable in your own self.

We often associate our homes with who we are – so relax and enjoy your home, and make changes that suit your lifestyle and family. It’s easy to get wrapped up in thinking about resale value, but if your home is loved and lived in this becomes its most valuable asset, no matter how long you intend to live there.


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