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    Ideas To Avoid Mistakes In Home Decoration


    Designing and decorating a room demands a high level of creativity and innovation. There are certain conventional home decor tips and habits that we are following without questioning.The style and concept of each home is a reflection of the personality of people living in it. So, break the conservative concept and make your home unique and different. If you are ready to spend some time and effort, a slight change or revision in your current concept can give you a better outcome.Here are some ideas to avoid mistakes in home decoration.

    Ideas to avoid mistakes in home decoration are:

    1.Neglecting foyer: Remember, you will never get a second chance to make the first impression. One of the most common interior decoration mistakes is leaving your foyer neglected in terms of designing and decoration. Make your foyer area attractive and give a personal touch to the area by keeping a painting or a family photo.

    2.Insufficient lighting: Making the home too bright or too dim comes under the category of common home décor mistakes. Make sure that you are giving the correct light ambiance to your home. This can vary depending on the function of the room, like living room needs more light, where as bedroom needs dim light.

    3.Making it matchy-matchy: Take a look and see whether you are keeping your living room decors in an exact matching concept. It is always a better idea to use contrast colours in your room. Making it match too much will make the room look monotonous and soul-less. Carpets, curtains, painting, furniture, rugs and wall paper can be considered for this.

    4.Permanently fixed utilities: Do you want to keep all the furniture and facilities in the same position without a change throughout the years. If not, why you are setting your kitchen with an inbuilt refrigerator and oven. Avoid designing your room depending on the position of the furniture and decors.


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