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How to sell your home quick: easy tips and what to avoid


Fall is here and busy schedules follow. School, work schedules, social events and family time fill our days leaving little time for anything else. If selling your home is currently up for consideration, the most advantageous way to maximize your asking price and minimize your inconveniences is to sell before the bustling fall hits or you are left with a mortgage on both your new and old home.

Consider following these tips to sell your home quickly:

  • Price Your Home to Sell. By far the most important factor in a quick sale of your home is a competitive price. If your home is priced substantially above comparable properties on the market it likely will not get showing activity and certainly not offers. Remember, even if someone came along willing to pay an inflated price, the property will still have to appraise in order for a buyer to get financing. Even cash buyers ask for appraisals. In the end, overpricing is a bad strategy. Consult with an experienced professional Realtor who will do a Comparative Market Analysis and then price the home to get maximum exposure.
  • Make sure your house is clean. After a thorough cleaning, houses should be checked for unsavory smells and stains that have survived the heartiest of scrubbings.  While remodeling could cover some larger projects, sellers shouldn’t overlook the smaller items such as window latches and cabinet handles that could catch the eye of a potential buyer.
  • Improve your curb appeal. First impressions are important, and homebuyers’ first impressions are through exterior photos of a home. Further, when buyers decide to check out a home in person, its curb appeal is going to be the initial influence on their decision. In order to capitalize on these factors, sellers should properly tend to their landscaping, update painting and outdoor furniture, and do routine cleanings of all visible spaces.

Now that you know a few tips to selling your home, be sure to steer clear on these mistakes:

  • Not creating a neutral space can cause buyers to pass on your home.We all have our unique style, but when it comes to selling a home it is best to keep quirky elements minimal. Buyers want to picture themselves in your home so let their imagination do the work without distraction. Remove photos, glassware collections and other objects that are too style specific.



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