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    How to buy exterior doors


    I haven’t realized this, but I think the most important “door” in our home is.. you are right, the EXTERIOR DOOR.

    Replacing interior doors is relatively simple. Not so with exterior doors. Exterior doors, especially the front door, the main entrance to your home, are the most important doors to your home. There are many factors to consider. A good exterior door can be costly. Esthetically, it’s the first door you see. It gives visitors the first impression of your home.

    A well-built exterior door increases the value of your home, and an energy-efficient one can reduce your energy bills. Equally important, the front door is not only your first line of defense against the elements, it also must be secure and strong so intruders can’t break in. For these reasons, it’s vital that time and thought go into buying a good door. Get used to the fact that it could cost more than you realize. Cut corners, and you could wind up paying a hefty price, far more than the cost of the door.

    You’ve been warned. Here are some facts, pointers and tips about exterior doors.

    There are a lot to choose from when shopping for an exterior door.

    Here are a few of the differences, and pros and cons of each material, according to Consumer Reports:


    Available with a smooth surface or an embossed wood-grain texture, fibreglass doors have always been a popular favourite with homeowners. Pros: Better than steel because they’re resistant to wear and tear. They’re moderately priced, require minimal maintenance and they can be painted or stained. Cons: Crack under severe impact.


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