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How to boost the price of your house: Tips and tricks

Interior accessories can make a huge difference to first impressions when a potential buyer is looking around your home. Although you want to avoid everything being completely coordinated, having a consistent colour pallet throughout a home can help to bring all the rooms together and create a more spacious impression.

Lighting can play an important role in every room of the house. Having warm, mood lighting can help a room to look cosy which is ideal for a living room or bedroom. For a bathroom or kitchen, brighter lights can give a clean, crisp feel and help to make a room look bigger. Natural light is most effective at making a room look more spacious, so strategically placed mirrors can help to allow the natural light travel further.

De-cluttering allows a potential buyer to easily imagine their home comforts in your living space, being able to visualise yourself in a property as you’re looking around it may be a deciding factor when considering a purchase.

Neutral colours on all walls and ceilings make it easier for a new owner to make their personal home improvements and imagine themselves in that property, should they choose to buy it of course! Providing the next buyer a blank canvas also provides the opportunity for personalisation with all kinds of accessory options – whether candles, rugs, cushions for example. Having inoffensive colours keeps the playing field open to many more new potential buyers while creating the perception of a larger space

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