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    HOME IDEAS: Tips to improve curb appeal


    First impressions lasts! That is why I always advise people to improve the first impression of a home to buyers.

    Here are some affordable tips that you can use:

    Paint your front door

    Yes, as tedious as it sounds, a newly painted front door really does catch the eye and will draw buyers inside. The front door is the very first impression of your home so make it count. Choose from classic colours such as grey or black, or go for a real colour boost with red or yellow.

    Clean up your front door porch or patio

    Buyers do not like clutter. Period. Toss away any old plants, plant stands, pots, chairs, tables and anything else that is obstructing the path to your front door or is possibly drawing the eye to nothing more than a mess.

    Remove any old garbage cans and recycling containers. Give buyers the impression that you tend to your home frequently and that the outside is also reflective of how the inside will appear.

    New mailbox

    Is your mailbox basically dilapidated and worn out? If so, toss it and replace it with a new one. Look for nice ones in local hardware stores or online.

    Planted pots at front door

    One of the things I like to do when I stage a home is to add planted pots to the front door area. Inexpensive evergreens, such as boxwood or cedar, look nice in simple black pots framing the front door. The plants will add a little life and texture to the area, and the greenery will give off a nice, soft aroma.


    Homes always look tidier and more spacious when there are lights on. This is true especially at night. Outdoor lighting is a wonderful way to add elegance and beauty to a home’s exterior and landscaping.

    Invest in some outdoor lighting to illuminate pathways to your home. And consider adding a few more table lamps to dark rooms that lack natural light.

    Buyers tend to make assumptions about a home well before they enter the premises. If you take the time to boost the curb appeal of your home, buyers will notice and a fast sale is more likely to occur.

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