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  • Home Depot has tips and resources to keep you safe and warm when winter hits the hardest

Home Depot has tips and resources to keep you safe and warm when winter hits the hardest

Winter weather can cause a number of problems for your home – from power outages to water damage inside and out, as well as the physical impact storms have on your home’s exterior.  After a storm hits, it is important to stay safe and keep warm. The Home Depot has the tips and resources to help you recover after the storm.

STEP ONE Prepare
Ensure you are prepared for power loss and cold by creating a preparedness kit and securing important documents.

• Batteries, flashlights, generators and other products are core components in a severe weather kit you should have prepared in advance to a storms arrival, both in your car and in your home.
• Store a light, like the Energizer Fusion Folding Lantern somewhere you can access quickly in case you lose power. Also keep extra batteries, like Duracell Quantum AA, on hand as a backup for electronics around the home.

• Keep important items and documents out of harm’s way with fire rated and waterproof safes like the Sentry Fire Rated & Waterproof Chest.

STEP TWO Repair Burst Pipes
Burst pipes can cause a host of problems, including the loss of water in your home. If you are unable to have burst pipes repaired immediately, there are several ways to temporarily resolve the problem.

• A piece of inner tube and some hose clamps can slow a leak until a permanent repair could be made. Wrap the pipe with the piece of rubber and clamp it in place. A piece of garden hose or radiator hose and some hose clamps can also work.
• Making small temporary repairs will help lessen the chance that the pipes will freeze again before you can get them permanently repaired.
• If you anticipate your pipes are close to freezing, or even bursting, thaw them by using towels soaked in hot water, a hairdryer or a space heater. Remember to not use electrical items if there is any water.


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