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    • Home Decorating Tips: Things to Consider in Choosing a Home Wall DéCor

    Home Decorating Tips: Things to Consider in Choosing a Home Wall DéCor


    Aside from the colour or the interior paint of the house, there are other things that might give more life to the house. You may try to hang some wall decors in order to add more statement to the over-all design of the house. And here below are some of the most significant tips on how to choose the appropriate wall hangings for your house.

    Where It Should Be Placed

    In considering a wall decor or even any home decor, you should consider the place where it should be placed. The placement of the material plays a vital role in choosing an appropriate wall decor. According to acmehowto, “for convenience as well as visual appeal, hangings should be placed with a minimum of a handspan from corners, door frames, window frames and other features. Keep in mind that having a wall hanging close to the same height as a window or door frame may feel awkward.”

     Number’s Game

    Aside from the placement of the wall decors, you would also want to consider the numbers of wall decors that you will be using. It is good to see a number of decors, but of course it should be proportion with the size of the wall. Aside from that, acmehowto suggested that, “wall hangings will have more visual impact and be more elegant if at least one, and preferably both of the adjacent wall areas are clear of competing decorative elements. A good rule of thumb is that if you are standing about 8 feet away from the wall, directly in front of your hanging, competing decorative elements should be barely, if at all visible in your peripheral vision.”


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