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Home Decor Ideas From Scott McGillivray To Give Your Place More Flow


If the walls in your house make it feel more like a maze than a home, it might not be a sledge-hammer that you need.

You’re better off picking up a piece of art instead, according to licensed contractor and home-design guru, Scott McGillivray.

Improving your home’s flow — that ease of passing from one room to the other — is a bit like playing with smoke and mirrors, with an emphasis on the mirror part.

Mirrors can help make the rooms feel larger than they actually are by tricking guests into seeing twice the amount of space.

It’s one of the tips the HGTV host used in his own home to make his dining room feel more spacious in the video above. But that’s just scratching the surface.

“You want it to be inviting,” says McGillivray. “In that situation, you want to make sure none of your chairs have their backs to people and maintain good traffic areas.”

That means green-lighting the purchases of a few more key accessories to decorate your home, rather than spending big bucks on major renovations. For more on how to decorate your home, check out the web series 2 Minutes To Transform.



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