Functional exterior lighting

    Q: Hi Deb. We are building a new home and wondering about exterior lighting. It’s not something I know much about so looking for some advice. Thank you!

    A: Exterior lighting will need to be bright and functional around all entry and garage doors. But you can also use the lighting to highlight some architectural details of your home. Your outdoor lighting can add curb appeal, not to mention improve safety.

    Functional lighting

    Think about the areas in your home where you will need lighting to get in after dark. The obvious places will be above or beside all exterior entry areas. You can decide if you prefer the look of a pair of lights beside the door or one above. If you have a covered porch it’s a great idea to add recessed lighting in this area, too.

    Decorative lighting

    Other lighting you might consider is more decorative down-lighting around any architectural features you want to emphasize. For example, you can have recessed lighting placed in soffits so you can create a warm glow on large windows or certain areas of the house.

    Accent lighting

    You might consider adding accent lighting around pathways, in the garden or at the end of driveway, especially if you have a dark entry. You can add a house number and light at the end of the driveway.


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