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Five tips for Green Home Decorating


You’ve probably heard a lot by now about environmental conservation, sustainable development and green living in general. But how can you personally contribute to the well-being of our world? First of all, to make sure the planet we live in is safe, you can start with the more immediate area you normally spend time in – your house. We all want the place to be convenient, cozy and good looking, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. If you want to know how to go about decorating your home without denting the beauty of Mother Nature, read on!

  1. Use Natural Fibers

Living Room

The major spots that usually get most attention while decorating are the sitting room furniture, windows, bed and dining arena. Sometimes, we are spoilt for choices on what we can choose – natural or inorganic fibers. In such cases, you should always go for green, which means using Nature’s products. Choosing natural fibers, such as cotton, linen or bamboo, will be a bid stride in living green. Since the narrative for environmentally-friendly living has already gained a lot of traction, you will see many readily available fabrics donned in eco-friendly designs! Sometimes they might be a little bit on the pricey side, but if you use coupons codes from you should be able to bring the cost down significantly.

  1. Green Gardening

Green Gardening

Every home uses plenty of food products, but what happens later to their packaging? It’s not so difficult to make good use of those! For example, when you come face to face with slew of used food jars, instead of bundling them away as trash, reconvert them into beautiful cans in the garden. Just put some soil in the jar, add some manure, put seedlings and then keep nourishing them with water. Your garden is going to be the most beautiful thing around this season!

  1. Don’t Over-Decorate


The number one problem according to conservationists is actually wastage. Hoarding more than we need deprives posterity of essential necessities. Therefore, before you purchase your decoration materials, assess the need to avoid wasting them away. Additionally, if you find yourself having more than you need, a charity gesture wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. After knowing clearly what your house requires, don’t forget to go for eco-friendly products.

  1. Recycle Materials

Recycled electronic photo frames

Reusing old decoration materials is definitely the step you should be taking. Just when you thought the décor isn’t needed any longer, a little bit of ingenuity can give it another function. If it doesn’t match the room it was in, perhaps your garden or another area can benefit from its presence? Also, if you have a problem with your furniture or table finishing, it can easily undergo minor repairs of overhauling the whole thing. So, recycling is the mantra to keep old products worth using for a long time. However, if it must go, give it to charity. A number of organizations will be more than willing to give you an offer!

  1. Swap Decorative Items

small space decoration (4)

It is possible that some of the items you bought didn’t fit well with your furniture or walls. Don’t think that’s the end! A new trend is slowly emerging – swapping items. It not only saves money but also avoid potential wastage. There are plenty of people who could be potentially interested in the things you’re not, so just reach out to them. In exchange you will be able to get decorative items from others! It really is a win-win situation because no one will have to go shopping again.

Thanks to the Internet, there are a couple of online platforms where this market thrives. If you do not know them, worry not; it is just a click away – a Google search is sure to bring you more detailed information about the area you live in.

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