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Bedroom Decorating Ideas


The bedroom is the most personal room for most homes. It should also be one of the most personalized. It can be a romantic love nest or a sanctuary for sleep and relaxation. It can be cheerful and calming for the kids, as they innocuously delude themselves into thinking they own the room. Wanting to impress friends, neighbors, and guests, homeowners tend to get tunnel-vision, focusing on public areas of the home. It’s time to be selfish and turn your attention to bedroom decorating. After all, before you take that morning shower, you must first get out of your bed.

Putting the “Bed” in Bedroom Decorating
The center of every bedroom is the bed. It’s ostensibly why the room exists in the first place. Obviously, your first concern will be the mattress, but don’t neglect your headboard. It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of psychological factors in getting a good night’s sleep. The feel and even the appearance of your bed when you get into it can translate into how you feel when you get out of it. A headboard bookcase is not only a good bedroom decorating idea, it also increases your bed’s functionality, allowing you to read a book before you fall asleep without getting up to turn the light out. You can also set a glass of water on a headboard bookcase in case you get thirsty in the middle of the night.

More Bedroom Decorating Ideas

  • Flooring: Carpet is still as comfortable and cost-effective as it’s always been, but it’s no longer the hands-down winner for bedrooms. Laminate, cork, and wood flooring are all great options that offer greater intimacy than older flooring products fashioned from these materials.
  • Lighting: This bedroom decorating idea is arguably the most underrated. Simple, lone overhead lights are quickly disappearing from modern interior decorating schemes. Even the combination of overhead lights and bedside lamps can’t offer the type of nuance needed for daytime, evening, and nighttime bedroom use.

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  • Closets: Smaller bedrooms can almost always benefit from better closet storage and organization, or even expansion and/or the inclusion of built-in drawers and shelving. You might be pleasantly surprised by how more efficient closets can open up the rest of the room for additional bedroom decorating ideas.
  • Decorating Schemes: Muted colors may tend to be relaxing in general, but if they become too bland, you may find yourself more annoyed than relaxed. Fabrics must be coordinated with existing decorating schemes. A decoratively patterned comforter may work with a wood headboard, while an upholstered headboard may go better with a more solid colored comforter. The same holds true for window curtains and wall texturing. Avoid being too plain or too busy.

Create a Bedroom Decorating Budget
Creating a budget is a good idea for any home improvement project. Giving yourself at least a budget range will help you focus on what can be done and what’s most important to you. Some parts of the project you may be able to do on your own, for others you may want to hire a contractor. If the most important thing is the headboard, you may want to hire a contractor to custom build you one, and you can paint the walls yourself. If the most important thing is your walls, you can hire a house painter for the walls and buy or build a cheaper headboard. Whatever you decide, it’s time to make your bedroom your own again. Bedroom decorating is a relatively simple home improvement project that can greatly enhance your home and your life.



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