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Ask Deb Nelson: Picking exterior colours

Q: I’m patiently awaiting spring and would like to do some exterior painting around my house. Any tips on picking colours for a front door and garage door? Should these match? Thanks, G.H.

A: Hopefully not much longer and we can start thinking about outdoor spring projects. There are several factors that influence the overall look of your house and can help create a charming exterior. A few of these key factors are the architectural style, the material finishes, the landscaping and the colours you choose.

The most impact

Often there isn’t much you can do about the architectural style or finishes on your home, like the roof or siding material. It’s easier, and less expensive, to make the most impact by changing some of the landscaping or exterior colours. The architectural style and materials will influence the best look or colour scheme.

Front door colour

Typically the easiest exterior change is to paint your front door. The front door doesn’t have to be an exact match to the garage door, but there should be some cohesion tying all of the colours together.

Colour palette

When you’re painting an exterior, a simple way to think about the colour scheme is by combining three colours. Often this is the main exterior house colour, a trim colour and an accent colour for the front door. Like the image shown here, a light neutral grey on the house is paired with a creamy white trim and a classic black front door for contrast.


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