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7 Snappy Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

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A kitchen remodel is probably one of the most challenging and expensive home projects, but this shouldn’t stop you from aiming for your dream kitchen!

There are actually solutions on how you can get started with that kitchen remodel regardless what your paycheck says. Apartment Therapy suggests these 7 snappy tips to remodel your kitchen on a budget:

Do your own demo

Save on days of carpenter services by tearing out the existing cabinets and doing other demolitions yourself. Just make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing; watch out for load-bearing walls and don’t saw through electrical wirings.

Become an assembly line

Why hire someone to do things you can easily do yourself, like assembling cabinets? If you are leaning towards buying at IKEA, their furniture comes with detailed instructions on how to put them together. Now, all you need to pay for is a professional to install the cabinets for you.

Choose store-bought space savers

Having your kitchen cabinets customized could hurt the pocket; those roll-out trays, Lazy Susans, and extra shelves could cost you quite some money. If you really want those features for your kitchen, a cheap way to have them is by using after-market products which should be available in most regular hardware stores that you can later install yourself. If you are a crafty and creative person, there are surely plenty of DIY ideas that you can come up with on your own.

Make your own lighting

If you would checkout Pinterest and other popular lifestyle or handcrafting websites, you can find a lot of easy and creative ways to create your own lighting. You don’t need to be a professional electrician to get on it as they are very easy and safe to do. You can choose a style that would match the design of your kitchen to achieve your desired look without having to break the bank.

Simplify your backsplash

More than the cost of the tiles themselves, installing a backsplash can be expensive because of the labor involved. If you really want this feature for your kitchen and you have basic tiling skills, then you can do the tile job yourself. Otherwise, you can achieve a similar look by going for basic sheet materials which are cheaper and simpler to do.


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