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6 tips to feng shui your home


Feng shui might seem like outdated superstition, but most of it is simply good design sense. Centuries before we were blessed with shelter magazines and The Living Channel, Chinese homeowners used these guidelines for making their homes attractive, functional, and joyful.

Even today, these design principles are used (to varying degrees) by interior designers, professional organisers and ‘feng shui consultants’. You can easily use feng shui in your own interior, whether you’re a believer, or not


Every room has a “commanding position” — and in feng shui, finding it is the key to happiness and good health. Look for the spot farthest from the door and facing the entrance (usually on a diagonal). That’s the best location for your bed, desk, or even TV.

The ‘command position’ for a bed allows the bedroom door to be seen, but doesn’t put the sleeper in a ‘feet-first’ orientation.

 If logistics and layout make this impossible in your sleeping or working space, consider hanging a large mirror to make the door visible at all times.

If you think about it, there’s logic behind this idea. No self-respecting mobster would ever sit with his back to the door, and when things go bump in the night, you can find comfort in seeing that it’s nothing more than the cat wandering around.

One thing though: If you’re sleeping with your feet pointed toward the door, you’re creating some bad vibes. Known as the “coffin position,” it’s considered the position of death. Nobody wants that.


A mirror by the front door is a handy spot for a last-minute check before leaving. It's also a positive-energy booster, ...


A mirror by the front door is a handy spot for a last-minute check before leaving. It’s also a positive-energy booster, according to feng shui principles.

Even if you think the concept of “energy” is mumbo-jumbo and the idea of hanging crystals makes you roll your eyes, consider it on more basic terms. Does your home make you feel good? Or does it make you feel unsettled?

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