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Like breakfast in bed or a first class-ticket, a clean house is the ultimate luxury. While it requires a bit more effort than other indulgences, it’s almost always worth the trouble- and thanks to smart companies, it’s increasingly easier to accomplish. To wit: Crate & Barrel’s Clean Slate, a curated collection of cleaning and organizing products, ranging from lavender-scented fine fabric wash to chrome-and-wood storage shelves, helps get the job done. We spoke with Sandy Hausner, a C&B veteran who recently guided the launch of Clean Slate, and asked her to share her tried-and-true cleaning tips.

• Every house needs a great dust brush:Look for one made with a natural fiber—over time it will build up an electrostatic charge that collects dust easily. The hairs should be dense, flexible, and soft, and if you clean it with baby shampoo it’ll last forever.

• A garbage can is an element in your interior too: Think of the style as well as the functionality. Choose a heavy garbage can that can handle trash without tipping over. It’s good to have a lid to keep things safe from children and pets.

• When it comes to cleaning solutions, the one-size-fits-all solution is a myth:Know what you’re cleaning and look for a product that works for that surface. Then ask yourself: Will it be gentle on the surface you’re cleaning, gentle on you, and gentle on the planet? If the answer to all three is yes, you’ve found your product.

• A great valet steamer is a brilliant multi-tasking cleaning tool: Of course, it’s great for steaming away wrinkles on clothes or refreshing your wardrobe after seasonal storage, but it also makes easy work of refreshing curtains and upholstery.

• In your closet, choose hangers over folding: Put as many pieces on hangers as possible so you’ll be able to see what you have and you won’t waste time ironing. Look for flocked hangers—their narrow profile saves space and they help prevent garments from slipping to the floor.

• When organizing your cleaning tools, proximity is key: In a perfect world, supplies would always live close to where they’re being used—it just makes things easier. But if that’s not possible, assign a closet to be the cleaning closet. And don’t be afraid to use high shelves to keep things organized—store a stool in the closet, too, so that things are always within reach.



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