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5 ways to get buyers to see your open house as their next house

What makes a person or a family decide a home is the perfect for them? Is it all location, location, location? What about price, schools or the neighborhood? Or is it something else; a feeling they get when they walk in the door, a detail they notice or a scent in the air.

If you’re selling your home your home, your location, neighborhood and school district are predetermined. Yet there is plenty you can do yourself to make sure your open house has that wow factor and captivates would-be buyers. Here are five tips to get you started so that next family will determine your home is the perfect home.

* Get clean. It sounds simple, but it’s amazing how many homeowners don’t clean their homes before an open house. This is one case where lived-in isn’t going to cut it. The kitchen and bathrooms should be spotless, cracked tiles should be repaired and any plumbing issues should be addressed. Expect that people will try the sinks and flush the toilets. If you don’t feel you can get your home ready on your own, hire a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. The money you spend on the cleaners will be well worth it when your house sells quickly.

* Add a fresh sent to the air. Your home should be pleasing to the eye as well as pleasing to the nose. Realtors have recognized the benefits of great smells for years. You can keep your home smelling great throughout the showing – and without synthetic ingredients – by using pure essential oils from Aura Cacia. Try this simple recipe to create a warm, comforting atmosphere that can help put potential property buyers at ease with these recipes:

1 cup coarse-grained, chunky sea salt

1 teaspoon jojoba or grapeseed oil (just enough to make the salts glisten)

25 drops vanilla precious essential oil


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