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4 on-trend home décor tips for a luxurious 2015

Remember how pretty much every home you visited throughout your childhood looked like versions of your own? Rooms were not considered individually to decorate, and the whole house gave off the same vibe. Furniture was strictly functional, and pieces mostly never harmonised with each other- let alone the lighting and other fixtures. It was the rare home you visited that had an aesthete or well-travelled uncle or aunt that paid attention to making the home a place of beauty and harmony.

Thankfully, these days, the awareness about décor is at a never-before peak. The various ‘looks’ one can go for, and the price-points they’re possible at, are plentiful; and the Indian home-buyer can now vie with the rest of the world when it comes to doing up a truly individual space. In this piece, we’ve done a round-up of a few on-trend, and not necessarily bank-busting, décor tips that you can keep your eye out for, or flag off to your interior designer.

1. Go Greek – whether or not you’ve holidayed in the Aegean, a few well-chosen blue accents, especially set against a crisp white can bring the Mediterranean into your home. Consider this look for the public areas of your home, such as your living and dining areas – the more natural light you’re able to bring in to play in these rooms, the better. Then add bold pops of other colours to let your entertainment spaces hum with energy and invigorate you each day.

2. Gold fixtures – While you might think it clashes with ‘Go Greek’, there’s no reason why your bathrooms and subtle fixtures like cupboard knobs/handles can’t make the most of the dazzling array of gold and brass fixtures in the market today – in matte or high-gloss. They’re a great way to give your home a luxe sheen without going overboard on budget.

3. Saturated colours – Pantone decreed ‘Marsala’ 2015’s Colour of the Year. Dramatic and at the same time grounding, the full-bodied red-brown brings warmth, a matte finish highlights its organic nature while a sheen finish conveys a completely different message of glamour and luxury. Consider such tones as Marsala and other saturated colours for private spaces such as the master bedroom or office area and then sync it in with the brighter, public areas of the home by carrying in the accent colours and similar fixtures across to your relaxing private spaces.


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