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22 tips for a cheaper home

Building a home today is almost like the old story of the sage and cat. Once a holy man who was meditating in his ashram was relentlessly disturbed by a cat; he tied up the cat before doing his puja and this soon became a routine. After the sage died, this practice continued and a cat was tied up, every time there was a puja in the ashram!

Wealthy people do quite a lot of things when building their homes and others are ready to splurge by copying the same things, most often taking loans. Expenditure goes beyond their control and they are left with nothing but huge debts. Useless rules are set, and everyone foolishly believes that this is the norm.

Experts feel that you can build your dream home and still ensure that it stays within a budget, if you have the will power to take some bold decisions. Say goodbye to unnecessary and exorbitant costs without compromising on the beauty element with these tips from Veedu, a Vanitha supplement.

Do you want a dusty recessed ceiling?

A recessed or holed ceiling for installing LED lighting can help to keep the heat low, make the room appear more spacious and also for cushioning sounds. Since this is an expensive addition, if there are other methods to achieve these benefits, then it is better to do away with it. The lighting can be given a diffused effect by hiding it behind interior accessories or behind cupboards. The cove lights used in recessed ceilings gather a lot of dust. The hanging lighting used in bedrooms can be a nuisance while sleeping. In certain cases when there is a beam running along a ceiling, the aesthetics may be affected. A recessed ceiling can help here, but otherwise it is just too costly.

Cornices are old-fashioned?


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