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Monthly Archives: September 2019

    Exploring 5 Great Hikes in Chattanooga

    By Barry Evans | September 30, 2019

    With more than 50 trailheads within 30 minutes of downtown, the hiking scene in Chattanooga is easily among the best in the Southeast, if not the entire country. From the slopes of Lookout Mountain to the steep crests of Signal Mountain and the Tennessee River Gorge, the Scenic City is blessed with a diverse and notable network of... Read More

    Deck Maintenance Checklist

    By Barry Evans | September 27, 2019

    Building a deck is one of the most popular home improvement projects in the country. Decks are great places to entertain, cookout, or just relax by yourself; in some areas, building a deck is a project that will not only enhance your home but will actually increase your property value enough to cover the construction... Read More

    6 Pressure Washing Tips

    By Barry Evans | September 24, 2019

    Power washing, as a cleaning method, has been increasingly popular in the past several decades and will become even more popular in years to come. A lot of times people put too much effort into cleaning their cars, boats, patios, grills and the exteriors of their houses. By practicing these pressure washing tips you will... Read More

    Compare Septic Tank vs Sewer Main Costs

    By Barry Evans | September 22, 2019

    About Septic Systems A septic system is one way of dealing with wastewater after it is flushed down your toilets or washed down your drains. Septic systems, unlike sewer systems, are privately owned and maintained. They’re common in rural areas where municipal sewer systems do not exist. Septic systems consist of two parts: a septic... Read More

    How To Prep Your Fireplace For The Fall and Winter

    By Barry Evans | September 20, 2019

    Nothing is more appealing when the temperature drops than the soft amber glow of a crackling fire. But before you light up those logs, there are several steps you need to take to prepare your fireplace, and for good reason. Prepping and cleaning your fireplace can: Improve the air quality in your home Prevent fires... Read More

    A Checklist for End-of-Summer Home Maintenance

    By Barry Evans | September 16, 2019

    There are many rewards and freedoms that come with owning your own home. Of course, any homeowner realizes that it requires much more responsibility and effort than renting. Among your many responsibilities as a homeowner is taking charge of home maintenance and repairs. Nobody enjoys home repairs, and maintenance projects can be expensive and tedious.... Read More

    9 Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Explore Chattanooga

    By Barry Evans | September 10, 2019

    Chattanooga is a city flush with abundant natural beauty, amazing attractions, and an equally welcoming community. In addition to the iconic, must-see destinations, like Ruby Falls, there are plenty of free and inexpensive entertainment options to round out your trip. Whether you’re looking to enjoy free live music and art, take in a ballgame with the... Read More

    7 Must-Know Bathroom Remodeling Tips

    By Barry Evans | September 7, 2019

    We all want a bathroom that would be a reflection of our personal style and be able to deliver the comfort we need at the same time. However, aside from that, it’s also important that it has the right fixtures and amenities that are capable of providing function and value as well. Fortunately, through careful... Read More

    Top 10 Things to Look for When You Are House Hunting

    By Barry Evans | September 5, 2019

    If you’re thinking about buying a home, this list can help get your search off on the right foot. While the number of rooms, the condition of the kitchen, and the size of the yard are important, there are other things to think over before you make an offer. Consider these factors.   The Location They... Read More

    History of Labor Day

    By Barry Evans | September 2, 2019

    Labor Day 2019 On September 2, 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor celebrates and honors the greatest worker in the world – the American worker. Labor Day 2019 is the 125th anniversary of Labor Day being celebrated as a national holiday. Labor Day: What it Means Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a... Read More

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