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Monthly Archives: November 2016

    Tips for a modern country-inspired look

    By Barry Evans | November 27, 2016

    From slip covers to painted floors and reclaimed wood, there may be no clear style that can define what some may consider country-inspired decor. In fact, these days, there is more of a push in design involving infusing country elements with a modern edge. The result: furniture often handcrafted by artisans as well as decorative... Read More

    Interiors expert James Treble’s tips on stylish ways to add value to your home

    By Barry Evans | November 26, 2016

    DRESSING for success doesn’t always apply to what we wear. The way we style our homes can make all the difference to how others perceive them and, in turn, how much they are willing to pay for them. It is a principle that interior design expert and The Living Room presenter James Treble has seen... Read More

    10 Top Interior Designers Share Their Home Upgrade Secrets

    By Barry Evans | November 25, 2016

    Interior design can be both intimidating and confusing, hence the proliferation of sites like Decorist and Homepolish, that match consumers with remote and affordable interior designers, and Modsy, that allow people to visualize their decorated space, and purchase what they like. For those who’d like to learn about interior design the classic way, there’s a... Read More

    Interior design tips for the holiday season

    By Barry Evans | November 23, 2016

    towah Carpet One Floor & Home’s annual fall issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple, includes a special holiday insert offering customers inspiration, ideas and advice for the upcoming season. In their most recent release, Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife, provides stress-relieving tips and an easy guide to preparing for the holidays in her article “Your... Read More

    Interior designer-approved tips for using mirrors in your home

    By Barry Evans | November 22, 2016

      Mirrors are key in pulling off a nifty interior design trick which fools the eye into thinking there is more space in a room than there actually is. This follows the general rule, the larger the mirror, the larger a room appears. “I once placed a large, full-length mirror on the wall at the... Read More

    Tips and tricks for real estate investing

    By Barry Evans | November 20, 2016

      It’s been said that more millionaires have been made in real estate than any other industry. Over the long term, investing in real estate can be a great way to build equity and save up for retirement. As of today, there are ways to buy your first investment property with only 5 per cent... Read More

    Home Insulation Tips for Better Energy Conservation

    By Barry Evans | November 19, 2016

    Having a well-insulated home is not only a great way to live toward a greener ideal, but to also save yourself some money on heating and cooling bills. Increasing the thermal insulation in an existing home doesn’t have to be difficult, and the financial payoff can be substantial in the long run. This article presents... Read More

    5 questions to ask when updating your roof

    By Barry Evans | November 18, 2016

    Is your roof old enough that it needs replacing? Obvious signs that you roof is reaching its end if it includes water leaks, curling, cracked or missing shingles. Be sure to ask potential roofing contractors the following five questions: 1) What type of shingles will be used? The style and material of your shingles play... Read More

    November home maintenance tips

    By Barry Evans | November 17, 2016

    Cold weather is just around the corner (in theory?), and it’s a great chance to get a head start on home maintenance before the busy holiday season arrives! Cold weather goes hard on a house, so be sure your house is ready to survive the chilly season (that is supposedly coming) with these November monthly... Read More

    Tips to protect home and property during the holidays

    By Barry Evans | November 16, 2016

    With the holidays just around the corner, the thoughts of many turn towards family, friends and gifts. The thoughts of many thieves and robbers, however, turn towards homes and property unoccupied while families are out of town, shopping or participating in other activities. With that mind, The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office wants to pass along... Read More

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