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Monthly Archives: June 2016

    The best things to spend money on when you’re renovating

    By Barry Evans | June 30, 2016

    A busy housing market is prompting New Zealanders to renovate their houses in droves. Retail statistics show spending is up at everything from building supplies shops to furniture retailers and builders are reporting being run off their feet. Some have a backlog of many months before they can start work. Andrew Murphy, a marketing lecturer... Read More

    Gardening Tips for Curb Appeal

    By Barry Evans | June 28, 2016

    Whether you are staging your house for the real estate market or you want to give your neighbors something nice to look at, there are a number of simple gardening methods you can use to boost your home’s curb appeal. Easy on the Eyes Everyone is taught “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” but... Read More

    Clermont Toyota Pet Safety Tips

    By Barry Evans | June 27, 2016

    Travel with pets safely in your Clermont Toyota Road trips are exciting to plan for and fun to go on, especially when you’re bringing your entire family. However, no family road trip is complete without your pets, right? If you’re bringing your pets on your road trip this summer, it’s important that they are ready... Read More

    9 Simple Marketing Tips in Selling Your Home

    By Barry Evans | June 26, 2016

    Though marketing your home can’t guarantee you that it will instantly sell your home in a click but it can assure that it can help you people know that you are selling your property. As you advertise your home, home seeker will also be informed that your property is available for sale. So here are... Read More

    The concrete parging argument

    By Barry Evans | June 25, 2016

    Q: Can you settle an ongoing disagreement I’m having with my neighbour? I maintain that parging on the outside of a block wall is only there to look good and is a waste of time and money because it usually cracks and falls off. Am I right? A: I’m with you. Parging is a thin... Read More

    Home security: All about alarms and other steps to take

    By Barry Evans | June 24, 2016

    Before shelling out big bucks for an alarm system, take basic measures to improve your home’s security. Many effective strategies cost very little or nothing.  Most burglars enter homes by opening unlocked doors or windows, or by pushing, kicking, or prying locked ones until they open. Some break glass to reach in and unlock windows... Read More

    Southern Trust Home Services Offers Homeowners Tips to Beat the Heat

    By Barry Evans | June 21, 2016

    Southern Trust Home Services, southern Virginia’s leading HVAC, plumbing and electrical provider, wants to help area homeowners beat the summer heat and prevent damage to their HVAC systems. The BBB A+ rated-company has four tips to help prepare Roanoke-area homes for even the hottest summer days. “Summer in Southern Virginia is beautiful, but it can... Read More

    How To Increase The Value Of Your Home During Summer Renovation Season

    By Barry Evans | June 20, 2016

      Summer is finally upon us — are you going to take advantage of the prime home renovation season? Summer affords us the free time and good weather to take on those home improvement projects that have been bumping around our brains since December. Home improvement projects are, rewarding, fun and satisfying, but the savviest... Read More

    Six new-home inspection points to watch

    By Barry Evans | June 19, 2016

    Reader Question: We are nearing a decision on having a new home constructed. Not having built a home, what should we be looking for once the contract is signed, and construction begins? — Justin and Allison B. Monty’s Answer: The assumption in answering your question will be that you have engaged in an exercise described... Read More

    So Green It Hurts: Meet the ‘Passive House’ in Portland

    By Barry Evans | June 18, 2016

    Portland, OR, land of the eco-conscious hipsters spoofed in “Portlandia,” has one-upped itself: This energy-efficient “passive house” is on the market for $699,000. The 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home was built by architect (and owner) Scott Kosmecki of Hinge Build Group, who would like passive houses to “become more well-known and desired and see the market develop,” says listing agent David... Read More

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