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11 nifty tips from an interior stylist on how to decorate your rented home


So you want to feel at home and make your living space cool and chic, but you are living in rented property.

And that means you can’t afford to splurge on your home – either because of the restrictions that come with the property or because you know you won’t live there long enough to justify a large investment.

But that doesn’t mean you give up altogether and succumb to living with bare walls and drab curtains.

Blogger and interior stylist Sarah Akwisombe has teamed up with flatsharing site Weroomto offer some tips on how to freshen up your rooms and inject your own personality without breaking the bank.

1. Pimp your walls without causing damage to them

(Sarah Akwisombe/Weroom)

“A gallery wall is such a cool way to instantly brighten up your pad, and Command strips can make it happen, damage free,” says Sarah.

“The strips are like Velcro that stick onto the wall via an adhesive back and they leave ZERO residue when you want to remove them.

And if you are reluctant to hang your pictures, Sarah suggests investing in large-scale artwork that can be popped up on a sideboard or any available surface.

“Frame large scale pieces of art and prop them up on a surface for a contemporary look,” she advises. “If you want to go bigger, Surface View offer large-format ‘epic’ posters that can be blue tacked to the wall to create a big statement without the permanent commitment.”

2. Transform your room with Washi tape

(Sarah Akwisombe/Weroom)

Don’t want to invest in a frame? Sarah suggests Washi tape could be a great (and oh-so-modern) alternative.

“Washi tape originates from Japan and is like masking tape but way cooler!” says Sarah. “It comes in a variety of colours and patterns and the only limit here is your imagination.

“It’s really easy to peel off so can be used to highlight areas with great effect. Think about blue tacking pictures to the wall and then framing them with Washi tape.”

3. Use LED strips to brighten up your home

(LED Bulbs 123/Flickr)

“I personally love LED strips,” says Sarah. “Readily available and affordable, they are the perfect way to backlight something to add interest and depth.

“Try the back of a TV for instance, to create a cosy glow when watching a movie at night time.

“Also check with your landlord if you would be allowed to change lampshades or light fittings, as this can be a great way to add a little bit of personality.”

4. Go big on retro furniture

(Sarah Akwisombe/Weroom)

Retro is so on trend at the moment, although sourcing antique furniture could well be out of our price range. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fake it a little.

“Modern furniture at the moment is very influenced by mid-century Scandinavian design, so you’re likely to find lines and shapes that occur in off-the-shelf pieces at a fraction of the price,” says Sarah.

“Not only that, they will add interesting depth to your place and provide much needed storage that can sometimes be off limits if you can’t (for instance) put up shelves.

“Head over to eBay and get browsing. You’ll be shocked at some of the bargain prices available!”


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